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Why Choose Accord University

Accord University is the first of its kind in Africa. It is entirely based on modern information and communication technologies. Accord University provides higher education to aspiring students and provides the best courses for students regardless of their location. There is no traveling, and the university is tuition-free. Accord University uses a combination of video lectures, reading material, and audio/video imparting knowledge. However, it follows a very formal assessment and evaluation system in the same fashion as any conventional higher education institution (HEI).

Active learning encourages student engagement.

We constantly promote mixed activities in which students actively participate in the learning process rather than sitting quietly and listening. 

Some strategies are question-and-answer sessions, group discussions, interactive lectures, short writing assignments, hands-on activities, and learning by doing.

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Mode of study at Accord University:

  • Program: Duration Two and Three years depending on the course you choose (Zoom, Google Meeting, WhatsApp a group for each class, personal user portal system)

  • Live lectures by professional academic faculties.

  • Semester-based (each Semester is Four months with eight subjects with grading/marks of 100%)

  • Continuous advice and instructions by the academic staff

  • Individual thesis writing (for five months)

  • Scientific resources for candidates: textbooks, e-libraries, articles, etc.

  • Publication of Thesis (More than 80 to less than 90 pages)

  • On-campus/online thesis defense.

  • Administrative assistance by professional staff.

Accord Alumni Association(AAA)

An organization of graduates, the Accord University Alumni Association, provides numerous chances for graduates to grow their professional networks. Grads can network with other graduates, whether they are more senior than them or not, and these relationships can result in internships, employment, clients, collaborations, and other beneficial professional prospects. Additionally, it is simpler to establish and maintain these crucial contacts when you attend the same university and can network offline or online at regular events.

Dr. Ali Adow Nur, President of the Alumni Association, spoke passionately about the long-term objectives of the groups of the group during its final gathering on August 1st, 2022.

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Admission Requirements

To be qualified for admission to one of our Master's degree programs, you must

  • have earned a High School Certificate

  • Have earned a bachelor's degree with a transcript authenticated by the Ministry of Education.

  • One photo size of the passport

  • Passport or National ID (birth certificate)

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume

  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in English.

  • Registration Fee: $50

  • Fill out the application form (https://forms.gle/HFA6igZPAJC2gE138).

Complete all the required forms for admission and submit all required documents.

3,000+ Enrollees per year.

We have the most significant number of postgraduate enrollees per year of any university in Sub-Saharan Africa.