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The purpose of Accord University is to provide quality higher education, research, disseminate knowledge, and foster relationships with outside individuals, local and international educational institutions, and bodies in accordance with the following principles:

The University strives to create a culture of equality and an environment of teaching, study, and research, free of bias and discrimination,

The University was founded on the principle of academic freedom to establish, maintain, and administer educational and research units, laboratories, hospitals, publishing houses, libraries, collections, museums, botanical and zoological gardens, and sporting facilities and to engage in all scientific, educational, administrative, or managerial activities.

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We encourage and offer avenues for our friends and alumni to participate in the activities of Accord University. We also make a point of ensuring that every member of our community has access to our top-notch facilities and services.

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An empirical study supports the existence of a link between human capital and career success, so you have to build your success with your own hands.

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Alumni Student

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Sugal Ali Ayanle

Waaberi District Commissioner, Sugal graduated from the International Relations & Diplomacy programme.

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Aweys Mohamad Omar

A member of parliament (MP), Communication advisor For the Security Roadmap Office of the Prime Minister.
Aweys graduated with a master's degree in security, intelligence, and strategic studies.

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Ahmed Elmi Wasuge

Director of Finance at Ministry of Agriculture,  Ahmed. One of our students graduated from the College of Humanities with a dual master's degree in security, intelligence & strategic studies, and international relations & diplomacy.

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Ahmed Mohamud Mohamed

Ambassador Ahmed Mohamud received his degree from the College of Humanities department in international relations and diplomacy.